You may already have a solid team of journalists and specialists in technology and social media marketing. But that isn’t enough. You need to hire at least one person who specializes in sales of advertising, subscriptions, and other products.

We’re going to discuss why you should do it, who you…

Giving users a choice can increase members, subscribers

Lately I have seen several examples of news publications letting users decide the amount they pay for the information they receive. The goals, strategies, and tactics are different in each case. But one of them might be right for your news organization.

In each case the model is based on…

Groundbreaking research questions the value of this $500 billion global industry

My apologies to the Freakonomics Radio podcast for borrowing their headline. But it summarizes perfectly a question on the minds of business people for more than a century.

The question is especially relevant for the digital advertising business, which promised to be more measurable, effective, and efficient than traditional print…

James Breiner

Entrepreneurial journalism, periodismo emprendedor, multimedia. Work with Tec of Monterrey, ICFJ, FNPI, Poynter, Bizjournals.

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