Latin American media seek to influence public debate and engage audience in U.S. by translating their journalism to English — LatAm Journalism Review by the Knight
Latin American media seek to influence public debate and engage audience in U.S. by translating their journalism to English Innovation. Latin American Journalism Review by The Knight Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

From Hiroshima to Hollywood. “The Beginning or the End” explores the… | by Greg Mitchell | Jul, 2021 |
“The Beginning or the End” explores the startling story of the first movie on the atomic bomb, from MGM, and how Truman and the Pentagon sabotaged it to defend the use of the new weapon — and…

A Quick Guide on Building Your Audience From Scratch | by Jenna N. Chambers | Creators Hub | Jul, 2021 |
There is no secret method or cheat code for growing your audience or increasing story views. Genuine audience growth and readership happens organically over time. When we are building an audience…

Lesson 11: How to measure membership
In this week’s lesson, we share one way to determine which metrics and markers you should pay attention to when assessing whether you’re delivering value to your members.

Google’s Amy Adams Harding: “Act like an e-commerce player”.

A cynic might say that Google’s current efforts to help news publishers is a public relations ploy to get good press and appease anti-monopoly regulators in Europe and the US.

After all, Google has more than 30% of all digital advertising globally, followed closely by Facebook with 20%. And these two companies, more than any others, have destroyed the advertising-based business model of traditional news media.

In any case, the world’s dominant search engine company has in recent years been helping news publishers find new ways to make money. …

Luca Sofri has been publishing Il Post for 11 years with the aim of producing quality journalism for a discerning audience. He believes Italian readers are looking for news they can trust.

This is not easy to do in Italy, he told me in a Zoom call from Milan. His model of quality journalism is prestigious English language newspapers that strive for accuracy and admit their mistakes. By contrast, he says, Italian media unapologetically aim to stir up emotions rather report the facts-it’s good for their business.

So it has taken years of trial and error for Il Post to…

As part of my recent work with DW Akademie, I was interviewed for a podcast that is part of the training and tools they offer to media startups. What follows is a summary of the key points of the podcast:

Who are our clients, what do they need?

The biggest mistake that media startups make is to start with the question, How can we make more money?

That’s the wrong question. They should start with the question, Do we really know who our customers are, and what are their needs in terms of information?

In other words, What are their problems in terms of getting information useful to…

Note to readers: I wrote this blog post in November 2018, but it seems relevant today. Lots of people distrust the news media and lots of people distrust the government. And I am not just talking about the U.S. but Spain, the U.K., Italy, etc., etc., etc.

This blog post started out as an explanation to my friends and family in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, about why their newspapers had become shadows of their former selves. Why their newspapers were so thin. Why news coverage was so shallow. Why they felt like they weren’t getting their money’s worth.

But really…

Be a coach and guide people to solutions, innovation

A student in a media management course had to interview a media professional for his final research project. I agreed to be his subject, and in the course of an hour, he got me to talk about my philosophy of management in the digital era.

Reading over the transcript of that interview, I realized how my thinking had changed over the years. The main lesson I learned was to put people first. Growing up in the old newspaper model of the news factory, I developed skill in the processes of production, meeting deadlines, getting the product out the door. …

James Breiner

Entrepreneurial journalism, periodismo emprendedor, multimedia. Work with Tec of Monterrey, ICFJ, FNPI, Poynter, Bizjournals.

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